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The TWISTRONIC project is born from demand to make the double torsion machine most suitable for the actual productive demands, that is :

  • Greater flexibility or versatility
  • Productive quality
  • Instantaneousness of the changes game
  • Precision of workmanship
  • Articles' archive
  • Lesser enviroment noise
  • Reduced maintenance or even eliminated
  • Energy saving

All these objectives has been reached with success, in fact, TWISTRONIC assures to productive versatility made never till now by a double torsion machine. The range of spindle's speed goes from 1 to 24 000 tors/min with a resolution of 1 tors/min. The range of torsion goes from 1 tors/m to endless with resolution of 1 tors/m, (at times the conventional mechanical boxes have a “drop” of 30 tors.) so, any problem neither with the low ones neither with the tall torsions.The speed of collection arrives until to 125 m/min with semi corner of cross that goes from 10° to 25° with resolution of 0,1 both for collection and for corner. The electronic control of cross allows the formation of hard cones for weaving or hosiery, or soft for dye, in the case of workmanship of spun slippery it is possible to plan the tapering of cone which can be total or partial (rounded edge). Platforms coping are been eliminated by a particular control of upset throw into disorder, the conventional backup function commanded by female screw is insured directly by thread guide with position and entity that it is possible to plan, the stop of machine at predetermined length is possible to call back form the operator panel of touch-screen panel with colour at total visibility (optional). The quality of finished product can be controlled from particular sensors (optional) which stop the spindle relative in the case of defect or irregularity of the thread.
Articles' archive
 : the system has to memory of 1000 articles, these can be call back with numerical code, literal or numerical literal, so downloaded in the desired forehead, the operation doesn't last anymore of 15 sec. A new article can be virtually elaborate in the operator panel and memorized while the machine is working other products, this new article is able subsequently to have called, downloaded, and so the machine will be set for the new workmanship.
Touch-screen panel operator : usually it is installed one each machine, in the plants with more machines it is possible to centralize all data of workmanship toward an eventually P.C (ex. In the office) so, these data can be controlled, printed and, if it is necessary modified form the remote base, through communications with MODBUS protocols or ETHERNET net.
Environment Noisiness : it is by now known and verified that the TWISTRONIC system is less very noisy than a mechanical conventional stock, and this is due to the total elimination of mechanical boxes, pulleys, gears and belts, this failure involves that the workmanship is reduced to the simple monthly operation of cleaning.The reducers, motors and chain wheel gears are all to permanent lubrication.
Energetic saving : the total elimination of all the mechanical components and also the improvement of motor's controls allow us to declare an energetic saving that is able in some cases to reach 10%. Finally, in lack case net, the firm machine under control without to get ruined the production thanks to a patented electronic control.

From the beginning, the TWISTRONIC project is evolved up to the production of the machine with motorized spindle introduced at ITMA 2003, the following imminent evolutions will regularly be introduced and described in this site.In the end, in the case of lack net, the machine stops under control, without to ruin the production, thanks to a patented electrical control.


The objective of TWISTRONIC is the construction of stock of evolved command devoted to all builders of textile machines, the retrofitting of machine already existing and the production of little machines for collection of samples, little production or of precision at laboratory.These machines have a modularity from 2 to 40/60 spindles in all versions and gauges, to single or double forehead.Our extreme flexibility it allows us to study together with the customer the last solution more proper to his productive demands, from this point, a personalization very contemplated of the furnished product.

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